04.–11.02.2020 — Life Projects – Inner Alchemy & Consciousness Training

Module 3

Language of the workshop: English

Inner Alchemy is a simple and complete path to self-realization. For many who already attended this workshop, it was one of the most powerful consciousness experiences ever! The inner alchemy method developed by Dirk has emerged from 25 years of research in the Eastern and Western alchemy methods. Modern, practical ways of inner alchemy were fused with the essence of Taoism. Dirk got to know this essence through the lessons of the Taoist masters in Huashan – China.

Four elements will be discussed:

  • Opening your energy channels:
    During this inner alchemy Week learn to open the main energy channels inside and outside the physical body and connect with each other. This will help you in forming a strong and pure energy body as a nesting place for the soul body.
  • Shape the soul body :
    The soul body is a symphony of deep human values and cosmic life principles. It seems at first sight somewhat distant and unattainable, but in reality it is like your inner wisdom source in connection with being the major source of life all parts of yourself (the various bodies, ego, personality) creates. The development of the soul body is an important stage on the path of the alchemist opening the door to prenatal world and immortality.
  • The Life Force Ritual:
    This movement by Dirk shape is developed as a way to connect step by step with the whole cosmic creation process. This subtle set of movements, and is a Chi Kung form which serves as a prayer in motion. By relaxing in silence, naturally moving, the information comes very directly into the information system. The thought process is left behind as roads and profound change comes from within.
  • Silence:
    During one of my trips, I spoke with the China Taoist Master Wang. When we talked about the inner alchemy formulas, he laughed and said all formulas lead nowhere if they are not grounded in that one quiet place deep inside you. That is my own experience. “ – Dirk Oellibrandt. This training in La Palma is about the fusion again with that quiet place, somewhere deep inside you.
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