15.–21.02.2020 — Life Projects – Alchemy of Leadership – exclusive

Life Initiations

Language of the workshop: English

This Life Initiations journey is the start of a new phase in our work in the world of organizational development and leadership.

There is a unique life code present on La Palma that makes the bridge between the language of heaven – earth – man. The 7 Canary Islands and the 7 stars of the Great Bear are almost mirrors of each other. They are also connected to our 7 human energy centers called the „chakras.“ During this journey you will discover how you can activate these 7 treasures and apply this energetic code to your work and life.

Dirk Oellibrandt: “During the past year a lot has become clear to me about the difference between the course we are taking as‘ humanity‘ and what our ‚true‘ place is on earth and in the universe. Also about how you, as a leader, can make a major contribution to this course correction AND how you can combine this with building more individual fulfillment and a more powerful company internally. “

That’s what this journey is about!

Participating in this special journey is by invitation only. Are you attracted to this magical journey and are you interested in joining us next time? Let us know for sure, we will look together at how we can make it happen!

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